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Eddy Current Hydraulic

PDS 3005 : Model REO3-dAQ-XX

Data Acquisition for engine testing

Standard Features

 Multi-Point Channel Calibration
 User Configurable Data-logging
 REO Test Sequencer


REO-dAQ is an advanced PC based Data Acquisition System targeted at the automotive engine and vehicle tester who requires a powerful and flexible system that is easy to use.

REO-dAQ provides real-time data acquisition at rates up to 10Hz.

By using Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Hardware, REO-DAQ ensures a future proof system that uses proven and reliable hardware technologies.


REO-dAQ is provided as a complete system that the customer or OEM is able to install with little or no support The system is fully calibrated before shipping (except for Torque which must be calibrated on-site)

Multi-Point Channel Calibration
REO-dAQ provides a simple to use multi-point calibration facility that allows accurate conversion of the analog inputs from the various I/O modules into Engineering Units.

User Configurable Data-logging
REO-dAQ allows all channels to be stored to disk while the test is running at rates up to 10Hz. A trend display is able to display channels in real-time. An offline tool, Trend Analyser, is provided to allow the user to examine and export Trend Data to standard packages such as Excel. This data can then be supplied (together with a free license version of the Trend Analyser) to your customers to allow them to produce their own analysis.

As well as the Trend data-log file, that records data for the duration of the test run at rates up to 10Hz, REO-dAQ also provides a user-configurable data-log file. Data stored to this file can be time based or at the press of a button or the foot-switch. Full Power Curve plotting and data-acquisition is also provided as standard.

REO Test Sequencer
The REO-dAQ test sequencer (an optional upgrade) allows the user to write test sequences that control the demands sent to the dynamometer and throttle as well as to the 4 optional analog output channels