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Engine Chassis Transmission Axle Moving Dynamometer Option

PDS 3002 : Model REO3-aTS-XX
PDS 3008 : Model REO3-cDA-XX

Model REO3-aTS is auto calibration software for Engine Test Cell

To handle complex calibration parameter easily and to make pursue company standard, eTS helps engineer for calibration submission, automatic report production, historical data review. These software ability make engineer to focus on real test than time breaking documentation.
Through networking served by company mainframe , the experience of able engineers can be shared with others for various projects

Model REO3-cDA is Driverí»s Aid System for Chassis Dynamo System

Vehicle Chassis Dynamometer Driving Schedules

  • EPA Dynamometer Driving Schedules (DDS)
  • California EPA Air Resources Board Dynamometer Driving Schedules
  • Driving schedules specified in Japanese Technical Standards
  • Driving schedules specified in Korean Technical Standards

Vehicle Chassis Dynamometer Shift Schedule Formatting Guidance

Graphics images and one hertz text files for the driver's traces for the FTP(City Mode), HWFET(Highway Mode) and other drive schedules are available

  • 10 Hertz Text Files for some of traces are also available
  • Sample Formatting Tool for putting shift schedule data into the CFEIS(Certification and Fuel Economy Information System) shift schedule format.
  • Draft Guidance for submission of shift schedules to the NVFEL(National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory).

Engine Brake Dynamometer Duty Cycles

Engine Duty Schedules (cycles) provide engine speed and torque vs time for agricultural tractor, backhoe, crawler tractor, excavator, arc welder, skid steer loader, and wheel loader.

These Models are supplied as a option of Engine and Chassis Test Dynamo System