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Engine Chassis Transmission Axle Moving Dynamometer Option

PDS 3001 : Model REO3-eTS-XX

Engine Test Control System

Standard Features

 Full Digital PID High Speed Control
 Computer System
 System Integrators
 Third Party Equipment Interfaces


 Eddy Current
 AC/DC Machines
 Powder Brakes


REO-eTS is an advanced PC based digital control and data acquisition system targeted specifically at engine test system engineers and users.

REO-ETS features the core REO (Real-time Engine for Operations) platform to provide advanced Control And Data Acquisition in the Engine Test environment.

Using modern design techniques and state-of-the-art I/O hardware, REO-eTS offers a very powerful and flexible engine test system that is easy to use.

Brief Software Capability

 256 Input Channel
 64 Output Channels
 24 High Speed Digital PIDS
 Logging Rates up to 1kHz
 A comprehensive Automatic Test Scheduler
 Full support for transient test Playback at up to 100kHz
 Multi-Point Calibration on all channels
 Multiple Alarm, Shutdown and Event table For monitoring of all testbed parameters
 A fully customizable programmable interface for creating simple or complex calculations and control algorithms
 Control and data-logging using CAN and ASAP interfaces.

Third Party Equipment Interfaces

 AVL 415 Smoke Meter
 AVL 403S Oil Consumption
 AVL 733S Fuel Meter
 AVL 422 Blow by Meter
 AVL KMA4000 Fuel Panel
 HORIBA MEXA 7000 and 9000
 ASAP3 ECU Tool Interface
 High Speed CAN with J1934

Multiple Graphical Displays Digital Swiches
Digital PID Tuning The Trend Data Recorder
The Test Stepper Multipoint Digital Calibration

The System Protection Panel


PDS 3003 : Model REO3-dEC-XX

Dynamometer & Engine Controller

Standard Features

 High Speed digital PID Control System
 7Ħħ Touch Screen & 2 demands knobs
 System Configuration & Protection Screen
 System Calibration
 Monitoring System I/O Status
 System Interface utilizing a Standard AK protocol


 Eddy Current
 Hydraulic/Water Brake
 Powder Brakes


REO-dEC is the ideal multi-purpose Engine and Dynamometer Controller for all dynamometer types. With its advanced high-speed digital PID control system, REO-dEC offers superb control stability with ease of use and flexible configuration.

Control Screen Monitor Screen
PID Tuning Screen System Protection Panel