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Engine Chassis Transmission Axle Moving Dynamometer Option

PDS 3006 : Model REO3-eTS-XX

Chassis Dyno System

Standard Features

 Automatic Single Pass Coastdown Fit to Speed up testing
 Automatic determination of parasitic losses
 Automatic determination of roller mass
 Full electric inertia simulation and/or flywheels
 Unlimited Vehicle Type Storage
 Road Fan Control (Rolls Speed Matching or Manual Speed Control)
 Type Fan Control (where applicable)
 Automatic Flywheel Selection (where applicable)
 20 Channel System Annunciator
 Digital PID Control with graphical tunning facility
 Advanced data-logging features with up to 256 channels
 Interfaces to third party instruments


 Eddy Current
 Hydraulic/Water Brake
 Powder Brakes



REO-eTS is the ideal multi-purpose Engine and Dynamometer Controller for all dynamometer types. With its advanced high-speed digital PID control system, REO-eTS offers superb control stability with ease of use and flexible configuration.

Control Screen Monitor Screen
PID Tuning Screen System Protection Panel