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Transmission Dynamometer

Standard Features

- Electric Motor : 50HP or more per engineering
- Hydrostatic Drive Pump : 130cc or more per engineering
- Hydrostatic Motor : 105 cc or more per engineering
- Maximum Torque : 635Nmor more per engineering
- Maximum Output Speed : 4000 rpm or more per engineering
 Input/ Output Speed Indicators : 4 digit, constant display, digital
 Main System Pressure : 6000 psi
 Converter Flow Monitoring Circuit : 50 gpm or more per engineering
 Eddy Current Absorber : 2712Nm(stall) or more per engineering
 Hydrostatic Reservoir : 380 liter or more per engineering
 Worktable Sump Capacity : 380 liter or more per engineering
 Dimensions : 500 x 220 or more per engineering
 WeightAdapters available to test : Engineered per each transmission


 Check shift points (automatic transmission test)
 Set shift points (automatic transmission test)
 Full and closed throttle upshift and downshift test (loaded or unloaded)
 Downshift inhibitor test
 Measure output torque (stall test)
 Locate shaft seal leaks
 Identify clutch leakage
 Check noise/vibration
 Detect mechanical binding
 Check main, clutch and converter pressure
 Monitor converter flow and temperature
 Determine converter inlet and outlet pressure


Available in both hydrostatic? and electric motor drive configurations, the? transmission teststands are designed for testing all automatic and power shift transmissions used in commercial applications built by? transmission suppliers as well as automotive and military transmissions. Based on the popular? Transmission Test Stand, the electric motor drive configuration provides the same testing capabilities of the hydrostatic type without the use of a hydrostatic drive system. The result of continuous development of e3r test equipment, this progressively engineered, quiet, compact test system keeps vehicle downtime to a minimum by greatly reducing critical failures on the road or in the field. In most cases, performance testing on this machine will eliminate the cost of additional disassembly and repair for rebuilt or serviced components

ΆΡ Model Code(XXX) will be set according to customer requirement